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The World’s Most Rugged Guard Tour System
GUARD1, the world’s most rugged guard tour system, offers the most innovative technology in the security industry and provides a powerful and easy solution to all of your guard tour needs.

As the latest introduction into the market,
GUARD1 offers the most flexible, easy-to-use reporting capabilities. At the heart of GUARD1 is the most advanced data collection device on the market...THE PIPE.

From its hardened stainless steel tip on one end to its heavy-duty ring on the other, THE PIPE is the world’s most rugged data collector, designed for the most rugged use and the toughest environments. THE PIPE’s reliability is guaranteed by these fine features:

Electronics and batteries are enclosed in a sealed compartment.

High Shock Resistance
All electronics are encased in an epoxy and batteries are held in a vinyl
sleeve mounting for added shock resistance.

The battery cap is thread-locked and requires a special wrench for removal.

Large Battery Capacity
The PIPE’s batteries will read hundreds of thousands of times.

Powered by lithium batteries,
THE PIPE does not have any of the problems associated with rechargeable batteries. There is no downtime waiting for batteries to recharge, so THE PIPE is available 24 hours a day. THE PIPE is covered by an industry best Three Year Hardware Warranty and the industry’s only One Year Battery Warranty.