Regional Offices:
   Chicago, IL
   Detroit, MI
   Orlando, FL
   Seattle, WA
   San Diego, CA
   Toronto, ON Canada





















TelecomBuilders Security Systems offers a wide range of security services and options:

Uniformed Guards :

Investigative Services :

  • Unarmed Guards
  • Mobile patrols
  • Private investigative work
  • Plain clothes operations
  • In addition, we employ close supervision techniques. Each job site has a site supervisor. There is also a roving supervisor for unannounced physical inspections.  Finally, we provide 24-hour access to our site supervisors and management.  If you need us immediately, we’ll respond immediately.

    Company Programs :

    TelecomBuilders Security Systems builds its reputation on professionalism. We train our employees to perform the job well with a professional attitude. A brief outline of our screening and training program follows:

    Training Program :

    Employee Screening :

  • Case study reviews and testing
  • Fingerprint Check
  • Security procedures

  • Emergency procedures
  • Local, state, and federal police clearance
  • Lifesaving techniques

  • Observation techniques
  • Psyical / Drug Screen
  • On-the-job internships

  • CPR and First Aid techniques
  • Alcohol, Ethyl, Urine Screen







    Our Security officers are required to complete our Security Officer training Course, which covers :

  • Orientation to Security Authority
  • Constitutional Law
  • Laws of Arrest
  • Search and Seizure
  • Use of Force
  • Professionalism
  • Communication
  • Patrol Techniques and Procedures
  • Observation Skills
  • Fire Prevention and
    Suppression Techniques
  • Report Writing





    In addition, we require periodic reviews of security procedures and provide additional training. Every employee must pass our stringent screening and complete our extensive training program. Our employees are among the best trained and best prepared security officers in the industry.  They are professionals who handle responsibility, interact well with people and keep the lines of communication open.