Regional Offices:
   Chicago, IL
   Detroit, MI
   Orlando, FL
   Seattle, WA
   San Diego, CA
   Toronto, ON Canada





















Primary Features

  • Scalable solution from one to thousands of cameras
  • Scalable network from one to thousands of locations
  • Only view what you need or want to see
  • Automatic motion following 360 night-vision PTZ cameras
  • Motion detection alarm and logging
  • Motion event notification to central site, pager, phone or email
  • Always-On digital video recording
  • Motion directed monitoring / Event driven monitoring
  • Video instant replay
  • Redundant central station monitoring
  • Long distance video monitoring through internet or intranet
  • Real-time video conferencing and video broadcast capable
  • Proprietary 2400:1 video compression
  • Virtually unbreakable proprietary streaming video encryption technology
  • Retrofit of legacy video surveillance equipment to preserve projected  ROI


  • Stored video can be used as evidence for prosecution
  • Stored video can be transferred to CD, DVD or videotape
  • Stored video can be used for simulated response training exercises
  • Video can be archived for weeks, months or indefinitely
  • Environmentally friendly reduced need for motorized patrol

Return on Investment

  • Virtually eliminates need for patrols
  • Consolidated control and manpower
  • Can monitor up to 16,000 cameras from a single central station or monitor a single camera from multiple central stations
  • Allows monitoring stations to back up other monitoring stations across the county or across the state
  • Improved efficiency through a more targeted deployment of human resources where they are needed and when they are needed


  • Response personnel can see recorded or live video stream in their vehicle before approaching the threat
  • Response personnel can also be guided by central site monitoring by cell phone, radio or automatic paging
  • Removes possibility of an ambush or armed confrontation
  • Allows response team to be properly armed and sized to respond to the given threat
  • By default, situation control is given to the response team